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Wadi Rum Nomadic Hiking Tour

Hike & Sleep Under The Stars in Wadi Rum 

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   If you want to hike in the Wadi Rum desert, truly immerse yourself in its nature, and learn from our Bedouin guides about the nomadic Bedouin culture, this tour is definitely for you. During the Wadi Rum Nomadic Hiking Tour, you will hike between attractions and hidden gems that only locals know, away from the crowded sites. Each night we will set up a new open-air camp for you to enjoy a traditional meal and sleep under the stars.

Easy Hike & Jeep Rides Between Places


   To be able to see and hike in the most interesting canyons, valleys, sand dunes, rock arches, and summits, you will have a guide on foot to help you navigate between attractions and give you info about each place you visit.


   When the expanse of the desert requires it, your driving guide will take you closer to the sites where you resume on foot with your hiking guide.

   The driving guide will always be available along the tour to assist the hikers, carry luggage, food and water, and prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and set up the mobile camp.

Eat Traditional Delicious Food

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Enjoy the traditional national dish called "Maqlouba" and many other local delicious full of flavor meals prepared by a skillful Bedouin cook on every evening of your stay in Wadi Rum.

One or Two Guides:

Option #1 Two Guides: Jeep Guide & Hiking Guide: in this option you will have a guide on foot during your entire trip, to help you navigate all hiking paths and explain to you everthing comes along during the tour. You will also have a Jeep guide to drive you between hiking spots, prepare meals, carry luggage on the car, and set up the mobile camp location.

Option #2 One Guide: Jeep Guide Only: In this option, you will have a guide with a jeep to drive you to the hiking spots, show you the path, prepare meals, and setup the mobile camp location.

One, Two, or Three Days:

We recommend you take at least two days and one night to see the most interesting attractions and learn about the Bedouin culture and truly immerse yourself in Wadi Rum's unique nature.


You can choose to stay: One day and one night, two days and one night, or three days and two nights, but don't worry you can extend or reduce your tour duration anytime even during the tour.

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  • Meeting your guides at Wadi Rum village

  • Visiting The Khazali Canyon

  • Checking The AL-Qataar natural springs

  • Visiting Umm Al-Sameen ancient inscriptions “نقوش ام السمن”

  • Having lunch in the white desert “” 

  • Walking through Umm Al-Sameen’s valleys “ام السمن”

  • Checking The Red Arch “البرج الأحمر”

  • Crossing Al-Kideer red valley “ترع القدر”

  • Watching the sunset from Umm Omqoor lookout “مطلة ام مقور”

  • Go to the mobile camp location chosen by the driving guide depending on the weather.

  • Enjoying a delicious traditional dinner.

  • Having a bedouin night around the campfire while drinking Bedouin tea.

  • Listening to Bedouin stories from your guides.

  • Enjoying a nomadic night under the stars.

1st Day Highlights :

2nd Day Highlights :

  • Watching the border desert between Jordan and Saudi Arabia from Nugra Lookout “مطلة نغره”

  • Hiking through the red-colored desert canyons and see ancient inscriptions in Hudeeb Al-Reeh “هضيب الريح”

  • Enjoy your lunch in the magnificent red-colored desert.

  • Visiting a Nabatean village ruins site. “القرية النبطية”

  • Watching the sunset at Al-Sulibaat’s lookout. “”

  • Enjoying a delicious traditional dinner at the nomadic-mobile camp location.

  • Having a bedouin night around the campfire while drinking Bedouin tea.

  • Listening to traditional stories from your Bedouin guides.

  • Enjoying a nomadic night under the stars.

3rd Day Highlights 

  • Having a jeep ride to Barrah’s canyon “سيق البرة”

  • Checking a Nabatean water dam. “السدة النبطية”

  • Visiting the mushroom-shaped rock “صخرة الفطر”

  • Enjoying your lunch with amazing desert scenery.

  • Walk to Umm Sudiaat Canyon and checking out some inscriptions “سيق ام صديعات”

  • Visiting Umm Frouth Rock Arch “جسر ام فروث”

  • Watching the sunset from Huthibat Umm Omqoor lookout “مطلة هضيبات ام مقور”

  • Enjoying a delicious traditional dinner at the nomadic-mobile camp location.

  • Having a bedouin night around the campfire while drinking Bedouin tea.

  • Listening to traditional stories from your Bedouin guides.

  • Enjoying a nomadic night under the stars.



At the end of the morning hike, around noon, you will head to the lunchtime resting place, where you will find that the driving guide has prepared a place to rest, usually in a shaded area next to a mountain.


Enjoy a delicious Bedouin-style lunch and cup of tea prepared on a bonfire to live the real Bedouin experience and learn some desert survival skills. Vegan and vegetarian lunch is available too.

After lunch, you will have about 30 minutes to an hour to rest, relax, read a book or just observe nature.

Sleeping Under The Stars


Sleep in a different spot called Taor "" each night, with a breathtaking view, and enjoy a delicious local dish. In the evenings, you will hang out around the campfire with our Bedouin guides, drink Bedouin tea prepared directly on the fire, and listen to traditional stories and songs. 

Bring Your Sleeping Bag

Since we will be sleeping in a mobile-nomadic camp, we recommend you bring your own sleeping bag, but if you don't have one, don't worry, we will give you a warm blanket, and every guest will get a comfortable mattress and pillow.

What is included

  • Two Bedouin Guides: a hiking guide and a driving guide.

  • A car to carry your luggage and camping equipment, and stay with you at the lunchtime and overnight location.

  • Three meals a day are included. Lunch and dinner are cooked traditional dishes, and we can accommodate most dietary needs.

  • Mineral water bottles and regular water for refills

  • Bedouin tea prepared on the fire

Prices :

You can pay online with a credit card and PayPal or cash after you finish the tour.


Please write to us for pricing information, including the length of the tour you are interested in.

One Guide
Two Guides
1 to 4 Adults
70 JOD
90 JOD p
5 to 9 Adults
50 JOD
80 JOD
10 & more Adults
40 JOD
70 JOD



"Staff were extremely responsive when I originally reached out, conveniently via WhatsApp, and were very welcoming as soon as we arrived as well as throughout the entire tour. I highly recommend this tour, especially for first time visitors, the guide will bring you to all the famous spots!"



United States

April 18, 2019

"Our Wadi Rum experience was simply amazing! We were a group of 3 ladies and we booked a jeep tour and one hour camel ride, our local guide was just a great genuine bedouin, very friendly, very funny, with amazing driving and rock climbing skills (man, he was like a lizard!) :)


Many thanks to our beduin friends for their hospitality and great services! We highly appreciated the Wadi Rum experience!

Best regards to Shteiwi, our lovely guide!


Mira Moga

Dubai, UAE

March 31, 2019






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