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One Day & One Night Hiking Tour

Day Hiking Tour in Wadi Rum and Sleeping Under The Stars. The Bedouin Way (Bivouac)

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Our Bedouin hiking guide will bring you to valleys, canyons, dunes, lookouts, arches deep in Wadi Rum desert away from the crowded touristic places, these unique sites, only local Bedouin like us know about!

Sleep under the stars like a true nomad and see the desert from the local Bedouin perspective who roamed and inhabited this vast desert for centuries, and feel truly immersed in the beauty of this natural world wonder!

Tour Highlights:

• Meet and greet your guides in Wadi Rum Parking, where you park your car safely for free until you get back to it after the tour.

• Visit The Khazali Canyon and observe ancient Inscriptions left by trade caravans who take the canyon as shelter from the heat of the desert.

• Visit Al-Qataar natural springs, and see how Bedouin watering thier goat herds and get water for everyday life.

• Visit Umm Al-Sameen ancient inscriptions, and have lunch break in the white desert. Your jeep driver/cook will prepare a lunch and relaxing spot and you will have about an hour to rest, relax, read a book or just observe nature.

• Walk through Umm Al-Sameen’s valleys, visit The Red Arch, and walk through Al-Kideer red valley in you way to the sunset lookout.

Watch the sunset from Umm Omqoor lookout, one of the most beautiful spots to watch sunset in Wadi Rum desert.

• Head to the overnight mobile-camp where you find your jeep guide set it up and prepapred it for the evening, and have a hot cup of Bedouin tea and snacks.

• In the evening, after a delicious traditional dinner, you will hang out around the campfire with your guides, drink Bedouin tea prepared directly on the campfire, and listen to local stories and songs.

• Enjoying a nomadic overnight sleeping in your sleepingbag under the stars.

• On the next morning, after breakfast, we will bring you back to Wadi Rum village to end your tour in Wadi Rum and continue your journey in Jordan.





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